Hunting & Fishing

Sikanni River Ranch is privileged to operate one of the finest big game hunting areas in all of North America. This exclusive hunting concession is in the heart of the Canadian Northern Rocky Mountains. Spanning nearly 1500 square miles, this pristine area is home to numerous species of big game including stone’s sheep, mountain goat, elk, moose, mule deer, wolf and plains bison.

Mountain goat, moose and elk hunts are offered as a 10 day combo. These are horseback hunts out of cabin camps and the hunter pays a fee for each animal harvested.


August 15 – October 15
Horseback hunt. Harvested elk must be 6 points or larger. Elk are usually bugling end the end of August through September 15. This hunt may be combined with moose or goat.

Plains Bison

October 1 – end of Jan
These are the only free ranging bison herd permitted for hunting in British Columbia and they are eligible for the record books. This takes place at our base ranch on snowmobiles. We have a 90% success rate.


Coming soon…

Mountain Goat

August 15 – October 15
Mountain goats are very plentiful in this area. We have a 90% success rate averaging 9 inch goats. Like stone’s sheep, goats live in very high, rough terrain. Most spotting is done on horseback followed by a steep climb once a good goat is spotted. Hunters should be in excellent physical condition and prepared to climb. This hunt may be combined with elk or moose.


Sikanni River Ranch offers a range of fishing opportunities for families, groups and individuals.